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Imado's Applicaton

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Imado's Applicaton

Post  Imado on Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:07 am

1. What experience do you have with Minecraft? I have been playing since the launch of Beta. I've been on a few servers (until they changed maps or stopped working), but mostly go on single player.

2. What are you good at building,( Houses, Mines, Roads, etc.)? I am good with minecart systems and basic redstone, with a minor in castle building.

3. In Game Name? Imado

4. Who referred or how did you find this? I found this diamond in the rough on the minecraft forums server section.

5. Why do you want to play on my Minecraft server? It looks like a great, easy going server. It's nice to see a freebuild server without a mile long list of rules/regulations.

6. What would you do to make this server better?? I have a plans to build an underground city (you could call it a Necropolis). I also could make or assist in making a subway/minecart system to go to every important location on the map (I say assist because that is a huge project....that will always be growing).

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