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nicholastang96 application

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nicholastang96 application

Post  nicholastang96 on Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:46 am

Answer these 5 questions then will be review :

1. What experience do you have with Minecraft?
A: Playing for about 3 months had another world but got deleted
2. What are you good at building,( Houses, Mines, Roads, etc.)?
A:houses and roads i suppose Smile
3. In Game Name?
4. Who referred or how did you find this?
A:minecraft forums looking for a anti_grief server
5. Why do you want to play on my Minecraft server?
A:it think its a fun and awsome server, anti-grief is coming i think? uhmm...nice community Very Happy
(BONUS).(OPTIONAL).6. What would you do to make this server better??
A:building stuff thatz awsome Smile

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